Why LNG?

LNG and the environment

Concerns over human health, marine environment and climate change have forced governments and international bodies to regulate air and marine emissions.  Natural gas and LNG with its significantly lower levels of emitted pollutants, will secure the second place in the world energy mix by 2040 after oil (IEA, 2017).

Natural gas emits virtually no particulate matter and sulphides and it is significantly lower in NOx and CO2 emissions than oil.

Oil and Gas share in total air emission pollutants, 2005

Source: International Energy Agency (IEA), Outlook for Natural Gas. 2017

LNG opens up new markets

IEA (2017) expects developing countries led by China, Middle East, India and other countries in Asia to increase their demand in gas by 80% in the next decade. The majority of this demand is going to be met by LNG. Over 90% of the total global natural gas demand is  expected to be in LNG by 2040.

Recent technological developments, such as floating storage and regasification units (FSRU), and modular floating liquefaction plants (FLNG), have secured higher demand for LNG in geographically challenging locations and significantly reduced costs of onshore infrastructure. Tightened emission regulations on road and at sea have triggered developments of dual-fuel marine engines and  gas engines for trucks. Both trends have been instrumental in developing small scale LNG market.

Key natural gas additional demand centres, 2016-2020 (bcm)

Source: International Energy Agency, Outlook for Natural Gas. 2017

Small scale LNG

Small scale LNG is a term that is loosely used for a number of LNG applications and projects types.

You could find  our interpretation of the main small scale LNG applications below.

LNG to power

LNG as marine bunker

LNG for road transportation

Offgrid LNG

LNG safety

The LNG industry safety track record is outstanding.

If you have any doubts please watch this video from Volvo to understand what happens if there is an LNG spill.

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