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Our expertise

Business strategy

At Elevate LNG we understand the key factors that influence LNG business economics. If you are looking to set up a new business on small scale LNG or planning to invest into the value chain, we can certainly help you to underpin your business case.

We can help you with market and SWOT analytics, value chain economics, forecasting & modelling, shipping strategy, and corporate financing.

project development

Project development

Our consultants have expertise to take your business from the drawing board to the execution. We can create business and implementation plans, work out project financing options and provide commercial, economic and transactional support throughout from the pre-feasibility stage to the execution.

Business development and commercial negotiations

Looking to launch a new business line, new product, new venture, or access to new geographical market? We can assist you in strategising your business development activities, meeting clients with you or on your behalf, suggesting industry contacts, and creating a proposal for your customer. 

We can negotiate Sale and Purchase Agreements, Chartering Agreements, Capacity Agreements, Power Purchase Agreements and others.

Due diligence

M&A and due diligence

We can identify possible assets, conduct commercial due diligence, create a business case for your stakeholders, negotiate key commercial agreements for the whole value chain and advise on deal financing.

Risk management

We identify market, regulatory, compliance and operational risks and come up with an action plan on how to mitigate them. We elaborate a hedging strategy for your sale/purchase contracts. And if you are ever in doubt over the UK or EU regulations, just let us know and we can help.

risk management
carbon reporting

Emission compliance and carbon reporting

Emission regulations require forward thinking on how to manage their compliance and stay competitive. Whether you are considering options for SOx compliance or require to report your carbon emissions, we have the necessary expertise to assist.

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